Budapest – How to get to the city centre from the airport?

By public transport

If you visit Hungary and arrive to Liszt Ferenc International Airport, public transport services of BKV offer you a good alternative to reach the city centre.

During the DAY

From 4AM to 11 PM you can travel by bus 200E from Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to Kőbánya-Kispest metro station. To the city centre take metro line M3. You may change from M3 to M1 or M2 at Deák Ferenc tér. Bus 200E runs with the frequency of 8-12 minutes daytime, and 15-20 minutes in the evening.

The timetable of bus No. 200E







During the late night hours (from 11PM to 4AM) you can travel by bus service 900 between Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 2 and the bus garage in Dél-Pest, with frequency of 30 or 60 minutes. We provide connection for the buses 950 and 950A at the bus stop of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út. Passengers travelling to the airport may change from bus 950 or 950A to bus 900 at Honvéd utca (Üllői út).

  1. Take the BUS n.º900 from Liszt Ferenc Airport 2 -> Dél-pesti autóbuszgarázs

  1. If you go to city center to buses 950 or 950A in stop Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út

How do I get tickets?

At the airport you can buy single tickets at the post office, newsagents, and Tourinform agency daytime. More information about Budapest public transport is available at the Tourinform office. You can also buy 24 hour transport card there.

In addition, single tickets may be purchased on the buses 200E and 900; furthermore you can buy tickets from the ticket vending machines operating in 24 hours at Terminal 2.

Please, do not forget to validate your tickets at any time you change vehicles.

Points of sale for tickets:
Terminal 1, 2: Post Office, news agents.
Terminal 2: ticket vending machine

A single ticket costs HUF 320, but if you buy it on the bus it will cost HUF 400 (so, when ge in the bus/tram be sure that you have a valid ticket)

NOTE: Please keep your ticket or pass till the end of your journey, or, respectively, on the metro till you exit the metro station as our ticket inspectors can ask for it on the whole territory of the metro.

Information collected mainly on the BKV.HU website.


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