Budapest – Bratislava by Train

Once in Budapest and presuming that you have some spare time, why not a trip to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia?

The 2,5 h train journey leads you direct to the heart of the Slovakian Country, an amazing train journey on the Danube’s banks…

Note that the train leaves from Budapest Keleti, and if you don’t have a chance to buy the ticket in advance, arrive early, there’s always a queue on the international ticket office.

They will sell you a return ticket as it is cheaper than one way. So, if you don’t need to return to Budapest the people on the hostels/hotels are pleased to receive it from you J

Return ticket (may 2012): 5.160,00 HUF (€17)



Budapest Keleti Station

Budapest Keleti Station

The yellow landscape... from the train!!!!

The yellow landscape… from the train!!!!

Sleeping on the train... some Slovak guys ;-)

Sleeping on the train… some Slovak guys ;-)


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